EcoOils Course

Welcome to the Training on organic production of aromatic plants and essential oils!

EcoOils proposes an innovative training method that allows you to choose your rhythm of work according to your availability, while being a rigorous person on your work and organisation.

This 100% online training program was co-developed by the EcoOils partners with two main objectives:

– building new competences on MAPS and essential oil in organic production, and
– expand the educational skills of the trainers in agricultural sector

To register to the EcoOils course:
Please send an email to Christelle, Aunac Administrator UESS eLearning e-mail:

EcoOils video tutorials

Find more in the EcoOils course!

Module 1 – How to Compost

Module 1 – Build an Irrigation Tank

Module 2 – Organic Farming

Module 2 – Insect study

Module 5 – How to make a Marketing Plan for your business – Part I

Module 5 – How to make a Marketing Plan for your business – Part II

Module 6 – How to create a Facebook page

Module 6 – Practical examples of owned earned paid media

Module 7 – How to create a Wi Fi hotspot on Android

Module 8 – Key Considerations Part I

Module 8 – Key Considerations Part II

Module 10 – How cost structure is implemented in an organic aromatic farm ?

Module 10 – How to build a business model for my organic aromatic farm ?

Module 11 – Tutorial 1 Certification process

Module 11 – Tutorial 2 Organic certificates